Do You Prefer a Glass Elevator?

Many people surely do. And who could blame them?

Certainly, there are buildings (some public, some private) that offer outstanding views when traveling via a glass elevator. In fact, many buildings are designed with that type of luxury amenity in mind.

It makes sense on an aesthetic level to take advantage of the inherent beauty of a building and its surroundings by allowing elevator passengers to gaze out while traveling between floors. It’s not just a distraction from what can be perceived as a mundane task, it’s an actual boost to quality of life and a great way to take a break from daily stress.

And here at Transitions Lift + Elevator, we specialize in customization, so we can turn your great concepts and ideas into a fully realized work. Once installed, your home or building will have a great design focal point, as well as a place from which to observe in style.

Contact us today and let us know what style of glass elevator you’d choose, and we’ll work with you on making that dream a reality.

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