Discussing Your Inclined Wheelchair Lift Options

Having an inclined wheelchair lift installed is a big decision. Its benefits are obvious in that it restores freedom of movement to those who cannot use stairs to move from one floor to the next. The question then becomes which model is right for your particular building.

In the case of our indoor/outdoor inclined wheelchair lift (TIL7000), the customer gets a more compact version of our TIL3000. What that means is that the building loses less room upon installation. It mounts to the stairs (instead of the wall) and can be installed in tighter quarters. Once folded, it only juts out twelve inches from the wall. Of particular interest to residences, this wheelchair lift comes in an indoor or outdoor version and provides vertical access in areas once thought to be difficult to provide.

Where space is less of a primary concern, our inclined platform wheelchair lift provides powerful, reliable service inside of homes, office buildings, schools, churches, and more. Sporting a 500 lb. lifting capacity, with an option to increase it to 750 lbs., this lift offers safe, smooth transport between floors. And with a battery backup and all the standard safety features customers have come to expect in a wheelchair lift, the TIL3000 sets a standard in the industry for quality and durability.

So no matter what type of building you’re outfitting, we have a wheelchair lift that will suit it. We have the experts to customize and install them, too, so we’ll be with you throughout the process. Relax and enjoy the feeling of knowing that everyone can take advantage of free access throughout your building!

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