Different Vacuum Elevator Models from Transitions

If you read our blog last week, then you’re aware that we now have vacuum elevators available for home installation in the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington areas. And as we mentioned last week, there are three different models currently offered, and the differences mainly involve size.

The PVE30 Vacuum Elevator has an internal cabin diameter of 20 ½ inches and represents the most discreet offering. As a single passenger residential elevator, the PVE30 is perhaps the smallest ever created, meaning that almost any house can accommodate it. Indeed, some houses that can’t hold a traditional single passenger unit have ample room for this one.

The PVE37 has an internal cabin diameter of 32 inches and was the first model of its kind introduced twelve years ago. Made to carry two adults or up to 450 pounds, the PVE37 also has the flexibility to house a bench to serve as an accessibility unit. It’s a great option for existing homes, as it won’t take up any more room than necessary, plus its smart design is eye-catching and modern.

Finally, the third model is the PVE52, which sports an internal diameter of 43 ½ inches. As the largest offering, the PVE52 is a wheelchair-accessible home elevator that also can transport up to three adults, as well. Nevertheless, without a machine room or a frame to install, this self-supporting elevator still has a smaller imprint on home space than other types of elevators do.

With these great options, it’s quite likely that one will be perfect for your home elevator needs. As always, we at Transitions handle each customer individually, so we would be happy to discuss all of your options, including non-vacuum elevators, as well. Just contact us, and we’ll get started right away—thanks!

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