Different Accessibility Products for Different Needs

Handling the large number of products we carry can become a bit complicated, so we stay up to date with training and education. Within the major categories of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators, we sell, install, and maintain a great variety of options to service all types of customers with different needs.

Regarding our elevators, we have both home elevators and commercial elevators available. Not only that, we have the classic conventional home elevators, hybrid home elevator lifts, and the stunningly modern pneumatic vacuum elevators.

Need a lift? Our stair lifts come in straight rail models and curved rail models. Wherever people are walking on an incline, chances are we can install a lift to assist those with accessibility issues. This applies to the great outdoors, as well as the cozy spots inside standard single-family homes.

Or maybe a wheelchair lift is more appropriate for your needs. If so, we have residential vertical wheelchair lifts, commercial vertical wheelchair lifts, inclined platform lifts, and more. As with the stair lifts, Transitions has ways to suit different needs, applying expertly crafted modifications when necessary.

Don't let your accessibility options overwhelm you. Call on us at Transitions. We can help you understand your options based on your own particular needs so that you end up with the right lift or elevator for you.

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