Curved Rail Inclined Wheelchair Lift for Your Public Building

If you own a building that is traveled by the general public, chances are that you’ve had to address accessibility issues. One of the more complex questions we address here at Transitions is how to provide access to people via wheelchair over multiple levels and a curved path.

While on the surface, this may sound like an impossible task,, the truth is that it’s actually very easy to handle this need via our Savaria C65 curved rail inclined wheelchair lift that’s built tough for commercial usage, even suitably in some outdoor areas.

Beginning with your custom specifications, this lift has a rail system that is either self-supported by stanchions or mounted to the wall, depending on what works best for the building and its users.

Achieving ADA compliance is a big deal, and doing so with a lift that is this safe and easy to install is a relief to the building owner. With no messy modifications to the building’s structure, this lift can even be parked clear of the stairs when not in use.

It’s really a win for everybody!

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