Construction Options with Home Elevators

An elevator installation for an existing home typically comes along with some modifications to the structure. These changes can be small or large, depending on the type of elevator, and this is often a factor in which elevator a customer chooses.

For example, some elevators require a machine room that is adjacent to the elevator and houses the electronics and drive system. On the other hand, some are so discreetly made these days that they don’t even require a pit to be dug out at the elevator’s base level. It all depends on the type of elevator a customer purchases.

In addition, the changes can also be pretty cool, too. Take our space-saving hydraulic elevator, for example. It’s known as the “vanishing elevator” because the cab may be sent up or down through the floor or ceiling, freeing up valuable room area. People are consistently amazed that an elevator is really there.

Plus, customers enjoy getting to choose from over a hundred combinations of finishes for their fixtures, panel, ceiling, handrail and floor. The finishing touches really help blend with a home’s existing décor and complement a home’s overall appearance.

Transitions Lift & Elevator handles the installation and servicing of its elevators, so you don’t have to fret about any of the details. Custom options are available, and we have many ways to assist with payment planning. So if you’re considering an elevator, let us walk you through the process until you’re comfortable with every decision and ready to enjoy your new purchase.

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