Commercial Straight Rail Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Countless public buildings have a flight of straight rail stairs that can cause major problems for those in wheelchairs. Fortunately, Transitions provides a great solution in the form of a commercial straight rail inclined wheelchair lift.

The S64 inclined platform lift is designed for just such scenarios and handles wheelchair accessibility issues with ease. It provides users with a safe, reliable, and smooth ride. For the building owners, it means compliance at an affordable price.

And for Transitions customers, it means getting a professional installation, expert maintenance, and a reliable accessibility partner. With years of experience in the lift and elevator business, Transitions is the leader in Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, and all their surrounding areas.

Considering how the S64 folds up and out of the way when not in use and also how it accommodates mobility-limited users with its own fold-out seat, it's easy to see why this design-friendly lift is popular with its public building owners.

If you have a wheelchair lift need, please contact us at Transitions. We'll make sure you get the right lift for your needs, all the while ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable buying experience. Call us today!

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