Commercial LULA Elevator Options from Transitions

Limited use, limited application elevators are typically referred to as LULA elevators for short, and they are very popular options for low-rise buildings that need to offer public accessibility from multiple floors.

Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in LULA elevators and serves the Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Dayton areas, as well as all their surrounding towns. From purchase through installation and service, Transitions has you covered.

Our two-speed sliding door LULA Elevator has all the standard user features of a conventional passenger elevator, but it doesn't take up as much space. And it only costs a fraction of what a conventional elevator costs! You can even save energy costs thanks to this LULA's energy-efficient overhead lights that turn on only when the elevator is being used.

Have some tight space concerns in your building? Then the LULA swing-door commercial elevator model is best for you. It fits a hoist way as small as thirty square feet, but it still provides plenty of floor space, even for a wheelchair and an attendant.

People in the know agree that LULA elevators just make a lot more sense for some building types and sizes. It's easy to appreciate saving space and money when conventional elevator types would be overkill and unnecessary.

Plus, with Transitions Lift + Elevator, you have an industry leader to help make sure everything is installed safely and working properly. Are you having thoughts about a LULA elevator option for your building? Contact us today to get answers to all of your questions!

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