Commercial Curved Rail Inclined Wheelchair Lift

This is the perfect product for curved staircases that need to be modified to provide accessibility for wheelchair users. Designed with the basic allowance for following the curves of the rail and the ability to be customized to meet particular specifications, this means that you’ll end up with a wheelchair that performs all the necessary functionality.

The C65 is an inclined platform wheelchair lift that travels multiple levels (if necessary) and can handle intermediate landings, as well as changes of direction. In short, the capabilities are robust; however, even if you just need one flight of inclined wheelchair support, the C65 is just as suited to the job.

For example, the lift folds up when not in use and can be installed to support out-of-the-way parking, which means its presence is discreet when not in use. Engineered with plenty of extra safety features, this wheelchair lift can utilize self-supporting stanchions or a side wall.

It’s made for indoor or outdoor use. It’s solid and dependable. It can be yours and professionally installed by your friends here at Transitions—just give us a call or come down to one of our showrooms and let us know how we can help.

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