Commercial Compact Swing Door Elevators from Transitions

Low-rise commercial building owners have an obvious friend in our Swing Door LULA Elevator. Everyone understands that accessibility is an important component in any commercial structure, and making sure that is handled safely and efficiently is of premium importance.

That’s why this American-made, built-tough elevator is such a go-to machine. It works particularly well in tight spaces, needing a hoistway of only about 30 square feet. It rates up to 1400 lbs. and clears 18 square feet inside the cabin, meaning both wheelchair user and attendant can ride simultaneously.

While inside, this elevator’s users will enjoy the stainless steel handrail, the convenient push button operation, and an alarm signal/phone cabinet for extra peace of mind and safety.

The signal fixtures and trim match nicely with satin stainless steel, and the door (from inside the cab) is Alumifold with three perforated center panels.

It all adds up to one sharp, tidy unit. Transitions will install and service this unit for you, too, making it an easy decision for your next commercial elevator purchase. Call us today—we’ll take care of the rest!

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