Commercial Compact Swing Door Elevator

If you have a low-rise commercial building, you know how important an elevator is to the flow and movement of those who use it. Indeed, there is perhaps nothing more key to the ease of arrival and departure than a safe, reliable elevator.

That’s exactly what is offered in our Swing Door LULA elevator. Requiring only about 30 square feet, this elevator in turn supports an 18-square-foot cab that will easily transport a wheelchair plus a guide passenger.

And what about carrying capacity? Well, how does 1,400 pounds sound? This tough American-made product has what it takes to handle a building’s heavy vertical traffic over the long haul, and it’s sturdy enough to support several adults.

With ¾” wood core walls and classic stainless steel features, this elevator is the real deal, inspiring confidence and peace of mind in its passengers with standard safety features and stylish finishes.

Contact Transitions for all of your commercial elevator needs. Not only do we install them, but we service them, as well, ensuring that your elevator will always be under professional care.

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