Choosing the Right Wheelchair Lift

It’s an important issue to address. Whether you own a home or a public building, you most likely will have a series of questions prior to reaching your buying decision when it comes to wheelchair lifts.

For example, you may be curious about the difference between a vertical platform lift and a vertical inclined lift. Basically, a vertical inclined lift allows wheelchair access to stairs without the use of a hoistway. You may think of it more like a stair lift than an elevator.

As for the vertical platform lift, it allows wheelchairs to move up and down from one level to another in a vertical manner. In other words, it has more in common with an elevator than a stair lift.

Both options are safe and customizable. Indeed, Transitions will consult with you and help you determine how your needs may be best met. After that, we’ll take care of the plans, construction, and installation, too.

Big decisions can be overwhelming at times, but this is one decision you don’t have to make alone. Call Transitions today and let us help you pick out the right wheelchair lift for you.

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