Ceiling Lifts Provide Improvement in Health Care

If you or a loved one have ever needed assistance getting in and out of bed, you understand just how difficult a process it can be. The fact is, with all the advancements we have had in health care over the years, there is no reason anyone should be handled as precariously as sometimes happens due to real world problems, like shorthanded nursing staffs and outdated care rooms. This can lead to injuries, complications, and general discomfort, depending on what else may be tethered to the patient.

A ceiling lift presents a great step forward for situations such as these. With a TLS1000 model that lifts up to 450 lbs. and a TLS2000 model that lifts up to 625 lbs., practically any patient scenario can be addressed in a safe, quiet, and professional manner. Both models are well suited to institutional or residential settings, and Transitions Lift & Elevator proudly services Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, as well as all of those cities’ surrounding areas.

These ceiling lifts are fast and offer 80" (2.0 m) of strap vertical movement, which allows a single caregiver to lift from floor level easily. Additional features include an emergency pull cord, advanced battery status indicators, and battery conservation modes that are adjustable via a programmable, digital display interface. Preventative maintenance is generally a snap, and Transitions Lift (as always) is available to help you care for your product.

In short, these are the most advanced ceiling lifts on the market, and the progress they offer in areas of safety and power really make them an asset in any caregiving situation.

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