Architectural Resources from Transitions Lift + Elevator

One of the ways we enjoy all of the experience we have gained over the years in the areas of custom lifts and elevators is by interacting with the architect and builder communities. After all, these specialists have the important jobs of planning, designing, and actually shaping the areas where we all live, work and play.

Any time an architect or builder has a question, we are here to help. In fact, we have a handy form located on our website, created specifically for this purpose. We have forms, specs, and loads of training and practice with everything we sell and install.

If someone has a question, more than likely we’ve had to address the same question at some point in the past. Given the number of installations we’ve undertaken, many with some type of customization involved, we’ve managed to uncover a lot of handy tips that we’re more than happy to share.

Not only that, we have tracked down plenty of external resources, as well. That same web page has links to typical drawings and specs in DWG or PDF formats to help answer additional questions.

In short, if you’re an architect or a builder, we want to hear from you so that we may partner with you more actively and help you implement lifts and elevators on future projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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