In Appreciation of Vertical Platform Lifts

If you do not rely primarily on a wheelchair for your mobility, you may not realize the positive impact a vertical platform lift has on a wheelchair user’s life. Indeed, if you want to try an experiment for yourself, see how long you can conduct your own day’s activities on a single level (no stairs). If you live in a multilevel home, you probably won’t even make it to the breakfast table. And if you are lucky enough to do that, almost no one would make it past their own threshold and out into the world.

Starting to see the picture?

With a vertical platform lift, however, a wheelchair user overcomes the obstacle of changing levels. These lifts are powerful—it’s no easy task to move a wheelchair and its user up or down a level. Ask anyone who has helped out when vertical lifts haven’t been available to help make this transition. Plus, the availability of a platform lift restores the dignity we all desire when it comes to personal independence and freedom to move.

Vertical platform lifts are safe, too. Along with the knowledge that they are built strong enough to perform the task easily, they are often enclosed and built with safety features that hedge against electrical power loss, etc. Outdoor lifts are constructed to be durable amidst harsh weather conditions.

With an available vertical platform lift, anyone who isn’t comfortable with stairs has a safe option, too, as well as those on mobility scooters and in wheelchairs. People get back to the important things in their lives and don’t have to concern themselves with the mundane (yet necessary) tasks of moving from floor to floor within the house or building. And this makes for a better quality of life for all parties involved—a truly wonderful thing.

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