Always Have Accessibility Equipment Professionally Installed

Sure, sometimes you go for the bargain. When you’re scanning the grocery aisles and you see the store brand is half the price of the name brand, you might well save the money and never know the difference in quality.
On the other hand, not everything is like that. Take the installation of large, complicated machinery, for example. It takes skill, experience, and competence to avoid a minor disaster (or even a major accident).
Today’s accessibility lifts are built to be extremely safe when installed and used properly. Sometimes what can get lost in that assurance is that they need to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and modified only by true professionals.
With that in mind, the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (AEMA) does not support the installation or servicing of accessibility lifts by inexperienced persons. Obviously, we here at Transitions Lift + Elevator agree with this position because we encounter new situations everyday that call upon our skills and prior installation experiences.
And while no one is prepared for everything, there is no comparison between a professional installation and an amateur one. Many jurisdictions require a lift to be installed in conformance with local or national codes. Plus, licensing and permitting are often required.
Given that the potential hazards of self-installation apply to both used and new equipment, don’t take any chances. Contact us at Transitions, and we’ll make sure your lift installation is performed correctly. Plus, we’ll back it with unparalleled service for the life of your product!

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