Adding a Residential Sliding Door Elevator to Your Home

A sliding door elevator can be the perfect complement to home decor, while providing essential mobility functionality at the same time. Our THE2000 model is both elegant and modern, leaving all of its users impressed and its owners wondering why they waited so long to install it.

May of its options are customizable, but let’s talk about the finish. Your choice of powder coated paint makes it easy to merge this elevator into surrounding furnishings or you may prefer to upgrade it to the very popular stainless steel. Inside and outside can be finished differently, and customers are amazed by its flexibility in look.

The doors are discreet, and the elevator’s overall impact blends in with the home, as opposed to dominating the room. With typical reliability and comfort, the elevator performs its task and looks good doing it.

If you’ve ever thought about installing a home elevator but feared what the results would look like inside the home you love, this model may be for you. It answers the needs of the homeowner and adds value to the home, as well as to its occupants’ quality of life. Get up and down inside your home in style!

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