Accessibility Accreditations for Transitions

Elevators and lifts can be complicated machines. More importantly, they present safety issues if not properly installed and maintained. That is why it's very important to depend on a trusted professional like Transitions Lift + Elevator for all of your accessibility product needs.

Transitions has been a leader in the business for years. While some contractors and businesses are casual about their services, we take it seriously, both for our reputation and for customer safety. As such, we are members of the BBB, NAHB, NAEC, Homebuilders Association of Lexington, HBA of Greater Cincinnati, AEMA, and more.

While you may not recognize all of these organizations, they all play a role in why Transitions is the most qualified and trustworthy name in the area. Maintaining contact and good relations with area homebuilders, watchdog agencies, and industry affiliations helps us stay on the cutting edge when it comes to new technology, the latest products, and any potential areas of concern and safety affecting the accessibility product industry.

In short, we do this so that our customers don't have to do it themselves. They are protected and have peace of mind because they have Transitions on their side. Wouldn't you like that kind of reassurance, too?

It's easy! Just reach out to us at one of our convenient locations or by a simple phone call. We're ready to help you with any questions you may have about any new or pre-existing lifts or elevators. Contact us today!

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