Residential Elevators

Home elevators are useful! Whether it’s the multiple trips up and down the stairs with laundry, furniture, kids, seasonal items, or groceries you will be sure to find our home elevator lifts as a practical addition to your home. Our home elevators blend in with your home's décor and are an affordable amenity that you will cherish for a lifetime. Not only is a residential home elevator convenient and safe, it adds value to your home, making a home elevator a wise investment.

Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in several categories of home elevator systems and lifts. We have an economical 2 stop, space saving, 500 lb. capacity elevator, an affordable 750-1000 lb. builder grade elevator, 500 lb., 750 lb., and 950 lb. pitless elevators for remodeling projects, custom 750-1000 lb. elevators, 1400 lb. high capacity elevators, and a green gearless elevator option. Custom home elevator prices depend on numerous factors including total travel, car configurations, number of openings, and options. A residential elevator cost of construction varies depending on the number of floors and the size of the elevator.


  • Hydraulic Through the Floor Elevator

Hydraulic Through Floor Lift

This type of lift is well suited for buildings with limited room. Its space-saving design allows for quick access between two floors. Its controls have an elevator feel, so users will find it easy and familiar to operate.
  • Inclinator Elevette Winding Drum Elevator

Inclinator Elevette Winding Drum Elevator

The Quietest and Smoothest Cable Drum Elevator in the Industry
  • Inclinator Elevette Winding Drum Elevator Machine Roomless

Inclinator Elevette Winding Drum Elevator Machine Roomless

This Space Saving and Smooth Elevator doesn't need a Machine Room
  • Pitless Winding Drum Elevators

Pitless Winding Drum Elevators

No Pit Design makes these Elevators Great for Retrofitting an Existing Home
  • Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum Elevators

No Pit Needed with 3 Sizes Available this Elevator is Manufactured with its Own Hoistway Shaft
  • Inclinator Elevette Hydraulic Elevator

Inclinator Elevette Hydraulic Elevator

The Inclinator HydraRide can be Adjusted to Start and Stop at Varying Speeds for Extra Smooth Travel
  • Automatic Sliding Door Elevator

Automatic Sliding Door Elevator

The Ultimate in Sleek and Accessible Design with Pocketing Doors Inside the Hoistway
  • Inclinator Elevette Machine Roomless Geared

Inclinator Elevette Machine Roomless Geared

Energy Efficient Counterweight System without a Machine Room

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